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  • Hot Wet Muscle!

    Male bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec in the shower

    Jiri Borkovec has got the beef, and does he ever show it off in this steamy photo session in the shower. Once he pulls off his shirt to show off that massive chest and great big arms, you won’t believe that this bodybuilder from the Czech Republic is only 25 – his muscles are mature, thick and full. But Jiri has been working out since he was a child, which explains his size at a relatively young age. And all that aside, my heart speeds up watching the water cascade down his strong neck, huge chest and ripped abs, and drench his mighty thighs. Don’t know how Muscle Gallery got this incredible muscle hunk in the shower, but this is one session I can’t wait to catch on video.

  • Watch Branch Warren Train his MASSIVE Quads

    What can you say about Branch Warren? He’s big, he’s beefy, and his thighs are HUGE! This is actually an ad, but it’s definitely worth watching… again and again. I gotta tell you – Branch Warren is a Texan Muscle God. His quads and calves are insane, and the rest of him isn’t shabby, either. Not only is this one big dude, but he’s cut and vascular – imposing and enormous. Or to put it another way, wow!