Hard Male Muscle is all about men with muscular physiques. We focus on bodybuilders – both competitive and amateur – muscle hunks, fitness models and athletic jocks. My name is Pat, and if there’s one thing I’ve always loved, it’s watching men with incredible physiques pumping iron and sweating at the gym as they build their strong and magnificent bodies. Here I’m sharing it all with you – my favorite videos of famous bodybuilders in action, massive muscle builders, and all sorts of well-built men showing their stuff. No full nudity here, but plenty of raw muscle in action!

If you’re a bodybuilder who wants some exposure by showing off your pics here, or a website owner or gym, feel free to contact us to get your pics shown here.

If you’re a webmaster with a related site looking for a trade, I’d love to hear from you! Just go here to send your message.

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