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  • Muscle Worth Worshipping

    I was going on a muscle hunt today (as always) when I found this in-fucking-credible bodybuilder. He’s flexing hard till his muscles are pumped, and let me tell you he is HAWT! Vascular, big and hard. Once his powerful biceps, forearms, thighs and abs are at their fullest, a bearded man comes in to worship those muscles, rubbing and stroking them. Wish I were there!

  • Our First Muscle Worship Video

    Meet bodybuilder Joey D. There’s so much to like about this well-built stud. Those pecs! Those arms! That voice, deep and smooth as silk. This is a video he made for a fan – he makes his pecs dance, flexes hard and finishes off with a most muscular that will have muscle lovers gasping. We’ll be seeing more of him, but for now, sit back and enjoy Joey D.