Ripped and Built!

Muscle man Leo Sabatini

Leo Sabatini from Power Men has, as they say, a body to die for… or at the very least a body to worship. He’s not a massive heavyweight – Leo’s more a middleweight with the male muscle ideal back, arms and shoulders, as well as incredibly ripped abs (see page 2). And dare I say it? He’s got a very nice butt, too. Ready to see more?

Beautifully muscled male body

Here’s the front of Leo Sabatini, and as you can see, his front is as hot as the back. His biceps are just as awesome from this angle, not to mention those sculpted abs, perfect pecs and dark, intense eyes. You can click here to see more of Leo at Power Men or stick around Hard Male Muscle and see more of our blog posts 🙂

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