Muscle God Kurt Beckmann

Muscular and sexy Kurt Beckman

Kurt Beckmann is huge! You can see he spends a lot – and I mean a LOT – of time at the gym pumping iron and sweating as he builds his body. But there’s more to Kurt than that. He’s flexible – he started out as a gymnast, and even packed with muscle, he can put his feet behind his head. And the thing about Kurt – just ask the ladies! – is he’s not a rough, macho bodybuilder. He’s got pouty lips (caught perfectly by the photographer for Live Muscle Show) and a sort of serious sensitive face that offsets his extreme masculinity and adds some balance.

Kurt from Live Muscle Show

What muscle lover wouldn’t like to worship that bulging chest, monster shoulders and powerful arms? And those harder-than-granite abs? Kurt’s got to be one of my favorites, and it’s no surprise he’s among the most popular performers at Live Muscle Show. Click to see Kurt Beckmann and the other muscle Gods there!

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