Francisco Soriano – Spanish Muscle

Bodybuilding Champion Francisco Soriano

Francisco Soriano has a lot going for him. He has an incredible physique, he’s handsome and his Spanish heritage gives him that sexy, macho look. His hard, mature muscle looks great and shows he takes building his body very seriously, and his determination helped him build enough beef to move to middleweight – and brought him to the attention of Mark Wolff, who was more than happy to do a photo and video shoot with Francisco for Jock Butt.

Francisco Soriano strips and flexes

Francisco looks bigger, beefier and hotter here is his off-contest shape. His bulging biceps, massive thighs and full, muscular shoulders look even bigger, and he still looks both athletic and… well, just plain impressive. You can click to see more of him at Jock Butt… and I’m assuming you can see much more of his butt there 😉

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