Sixpack Abs and More – Alain Lamas

Muscle hunk Alain Lamas

Alain Lamas doesn’t exactly fit any of our categories here, but I had to share these pics from Mark Wolff with you. He’s not as big and beefy as some of the bodybuilders I can’t get enough of, but he’s got a fresh look, an athletic muscular physique and then there are those abs! Alain has got a sixpack with ridges so sharp you could cut yourself…

Muscle hunk and porn star Alain Lamas

Looks like it was a beautiful day at the beach when Mark pulled out his camera to get these pics of Alain, his body shown off to perfection in the sunlight. And while he’s got great forearms, pecs and biceps, my attention just keeps being drawn back to those abs! Click here if you want to see more of this shoot at Mark Wolff’s muscle site.

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